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Published on : 2017-04-16 17:16:57
Ethereum to NOO

Satoshi Whitepaper. Bitcoin is a payment exchange medium which was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym) in 2009 as a software-based online payment system.
Qtum to BS

Ethos to IMS

Bitcoin — это такие торренты, которые вместо файлов позволяют обмениваться эдакими фантиками ...
Hshare to ANI

The Zerocash system is described and analyzed in detail in the paper below (and the references therein). For more accessible high-level reviews, see our talks and media.
RChain to YBC

Lightning Network Documents Paper “The Bitcoin Lightning Network”: Paper (PDF) DRAFT Version; Abstract. The bitcoin protocol can encompass the global ...
bitcoin whitepaper

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